Villa Porto Conte

Villa Porto Conte is a 50s villa, located in the beautiful bay of Porto Conte.
Renovation was focused around the extension and the interiors of the villa and re-design of external paths.
The interior spaces have been re-organised in a more functional way: the bathroom and kitchen locations have been swapped, opening the kitchen to the living area. The master bedroom is connected directly to the outdoor relax area.
The bathroom is characterised by two encased Corian sinks with blue led lighting that, emerging from the wall, becoming a perfect fusion between the object and the space and the architectural elements that define it.
The right mix of textures and materials make the bathroom an elegant space: resin floor with matte finish and tiles of the Flexible Architecture collection by Philippe Starck which, thanks to its innovative design, become itself a modular decorative element and stands out as an integral part of architecture.

The extension consist of a living area with a large window, framing the sea view and creating a visual connection between interiors and exteriors.

The outside space is defined by artificial light, through the use of linear lamps on the terrace and spotlights on the steps.


Porto Conte